Newcastle United 2017 League Champions

First published: Wednesday 3rd of August 2016       Author: Colin Mussett

An early win

With their victory over Wallsend this week Newcastle United become the 2017 League Champions with a week to spare.

Close House were unable to acheive a victory at Bedlingtonshire and are now unable to catch the long time leaders.

A new broom

Following a change of outlook at the Club by new Captain Liam McNulty, the acquisition of Phil Ridden persuaded other team players to join in an attempt to change the fortunes of the Hadrian League team.

As the results show, this has proved to be an outstanding success!

Here's hoping other teams will now try to wrest the Trophy from Newcastle United next season

Sunday, 20th January 2019

Hadrian Golf League A League formed from 16 clubs in Newcastle, the Tyne Valley, South Northumberland & North-West Durham